Use Your Smart Home to Save Energy and Melt Away Your Summer Utility Bills

Summer’s back and so is the heat. Don’t let the enjoyment of seasonal pool parties, BBQs and vacations be drowned out by the constant hum of the air conditioner and increasing energy bills.

It’s easy to reduce utility bills year-round with smart home technology, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger to make it happen. There are an array of smart solutions on the market to help you save energy and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket this summer, all the while keeping you comfortable.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is the most efficient way to save money on summer air conditioning. It’s intuitive about what’s going on inside and outside your home, enabling it to take smart actions that give you the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort.

An Smart Thermostat works with your security system to determine your property’s occupancy. When your home is ‘Armed Away,’ the thermostat automatically sets back to conserve energy. Once the system is disarmed it returns to ‘comfort’ mode, cooling the house back down to your ideal temperature.

The device also knows when windows and doors are left open, and instantly adjusts AC settings to avoid energy waste. When a door is left open, the thermostat sets the temperature back. Once the door is closed, it will return to the desired indoor temperature.

And with access to real-time weather data, a smart thermostat will automatically adjust to weather conditions.

Automated Window Shades

Installing automated shades on the windows in your home can result in an energy savings of up to 30 percent per year. Heat from uncontrolled sunlight is a major burden on air conditioning. Motorized shades can help lighten the load of the AC.

Automated window coverings can be programmed to “summer mode,” allowing you to draw all the shades in the house automatically and at the same time to conveniently keep the property cooler when the summer sun is at its strongest.

Smart Plugs

Most likely, you’ll spend more time outdoors barbecuing and swimming this summer and away from the house as you’re off on seasonal excursions and vacations. Smart plugs offer an easy way to reduce utility bills by slashing ‘standby’ energy waste. By adding one to devices like a TV or lamp, you can have its power supply automatically shut off when you leave the house or go to bed, eliminating needless energy waste, which occurs when appliances remain plugged in.

Solar Panels

Use the hot summer sun to your advantage by installing solar energy panels on your property. Homes that utilize solar energy to power their home can dramatically reduce and sometimes even completely eliminate the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased from your local electric service provider, resulting in significant cost savings.

Spend more time enjoying your summer and less time stressing about rising energy bills with these smart, energy-efficient solutions.

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