Use Your Smart Home to Romance Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day

Impress your Valentine with a hi-tech date night this year! Avoid the crowded restaurants and busy nightspots this Valentine’s Day. Use your home automation system to simply and efficiently create the perfect, romantic evening right in your very own home.

Lights, music and romance are just the tap of a button away with smart home technology. An integrated home automation system allows you to easily adjust lighting, music, temperature and more to help you pull off a memorable evening with the one you love.

Dim the Lights

Every date calls for a little mood lighting, and with smart home tech it’s never been easier to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. Use your smartphone to keep the lights bright while prepping for dinner, and dim for dining and cozy conversation on the couch.

Turn up the Music

Stream love songs or your date’s favorite playlist through your whole home audio system. Keep the music low to create an intimate backdrop to conversation or cocktails. Use your mobile device to turn the music up for a little cheek-to-cheek-dancing on your living room dance floor.

Get Cozy for a Movie

End the evening with a romantic flick. With the press of a button it’s easy to quickly trigger the electric fireplace, close the automated shades and bring the house lights all the way down for optimum viewing. You can even lower the temperature and cuddle with your partner under a warm blanket.

Set a Valentine’s Day Scene

Make setting the date night mood even easier by creating a Valentine’s Day automation scene. Impress your date with one tap that simultaneously signals shades to close, lights to dim and music to turn on in an instant.

This Valentine’s Day – and every date night – spend less time turning lights on and off, and finding a romantic CD or DVD to play, and more time enjoying the evening with your sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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