Use Your Home Automation System to Keep Your Pets Safe and Comfortable

Let’s face it. Our four-legged friends are more like family than pets, and most us will do just about anything to keep them safe and comfortable. Whether you’ve got one pet or a full house, home automation is the key to smart pet care.

Home automation offers pet owners multiple perks when it comes to taking care of their furry friends. A secure, pet-friendly home takes the stress and worry out of traveling or even just leaving the house for an extended period of time when you go to work or run errands. And smart technology can help cut back on costly boarding fees too.

Pamper Your Pets

Smart home technology makes it easy for you to ensure that your pets stay comfortable even when you’re not at home. With a smart thermostat you can remotely adjust room temperatures based on the time of day and weather conditions so pets don’t overheat in the summer or get cold in the winter. If you have outside animals, trigger fans in designated areas to start, and program indoor and outdoor lights to come on when the sun goes down.

Your pets will be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Keep pets off of furniture or out of restricted areas by strategically placing sensors under sofa cushions or on kitchen counters that will trigger a verbal warning or alarm through your whole-home speaker system.

Easy Access for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Grant your pet sitter or dog walker entry into your home without the use of a key. Assign temporary entry codes if you have digital locks or remotely unlock the door when your pet’s caretaker arrives. Not only can you lock the door once visitors leave, but you can view video footage from your mobile device to make sure your property is secure.

Take a Peek at Your Pet

Use your security system’s surveillance cameras to check in on your pets when you’re away. View real-time video of your pet from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Video not only gives you peace of mind that your furry family members are staying out of trouble, but enables you to connect with pets when you’re missing them and make sure they are safe.

Keep Unattended Pets Safe

Keep tabs on your pet’s environment. Security monitoring services will immediately alert you if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected at your residence and will quickly send help in the event of an emergency. Motion sensors are ideal to keep pets out of potentially harmful areas where they might come in contact with cleaning supplies or other dangerous items, and will notify you when pets use the doggie door or the backyard gate is opened.

Fish Are Pets Too

If you have an aquarium filled with fish and other sea life, your home automation system is ideal to detect leaks. Instant alerts not only afford you time to tend to your swimming pets, but enable you to act quickly to prevent water damage to furniture and floors.

Prevent False Alarms

Pet-friendly security solutions allow pets to roam your home freely without the worry of triggering alarms while you’re away.

Give your pets the best possible care no matter where you are. Your home automation and security system will ensure that they are protected and looked after around the clock, and that’s something pets and pet owners can be excited about!

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