Transform Your Backyard into a Smart Living Space Ideal for Relaxing and Entertaining

Warmer weather has returned to the Central Valley, and that means more time outdoors—more BBQs, more pool parties, more dining alfresco, more outdoor entertaining.

Take your home automation system outdoors and transform your backyard into an outdoor living space complete with TV, music, ambient lighting and security ideal for relaxing, entertaining and soaking up the beautiful spring and summer weather.

Pools & Spas

Control your swimming pool or spa with the press of a button. Your home automation system can signal your spa to warm up and reach the desired temperature by the time you’re ready to take a dip. You can also control pool lighting and receive alerts if someone is near the pool to thwart any possible accidents, especially important if young children live in the home.


Bring the living room outdoors. Watch a movie under the stars or while floating in the pool. Outdoor TVs add pizzazz to your outdoor living space are a focal point for outdoor entertaining. Place your TV in a protective cabinet or purchase a weatherized television manufactured to withstand the elements.


Music doesn’t have to be confined to the indoors or a portable boom box. Outdoor speakers enable you to enjoy music while sunbathing, playing in the yard with the kids or even tending to the garden. There’s no need to give up great sound no matter where you wander around your home. Outdoor speakers seamlessly integrate into your outdoor landscape, as well, and can even be disguised as rocks or discreetly mounted around your property.


Outdoor lighting adds beauty and function to your yard. Utilize timers and dimmers to save on energy costs and add convenience and security to your property. With motion sensors, lights can be initiated anytime someone goes outside. Cue lights for a dinner party on the patio or an evening swim.


Protect your backyard oasis with motion detectors, surveillance cameras and video monitoring. Monitor who comes and goes, receive alerts when gates are opened and more.

Backyard automation helps you get the most out of your outdoor living space. Discover the enjoyment and protection automation can bring to your property. Contact Hi-Tech Home today for a free consultation.


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