Tis the Season to Buy a TV: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Smart TV

It’s the holiday season and TVs top many buyers’ Christmas wish list. With countless brands, sizes and features to choose from, buying a TV can be a bit overwhelming. What size should you get? What screen resolution should you select? Which features do you need? Take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect TV with our handy guide.

TV has never been better with revolutionary designs, realistic picture quality and smart TV technology. And today’s TVs are available in a wide array of screen sizes and price points to fit anybody’s budget.

Bigger is Better

If you’re unsure of the size you want, opt for the larger screen. You won’t regret it. Not only do large TVs make a statement in a room, but you’ll enjoy replicating the cinema experience at home. Experts suggest a size of at least 32 inches for a bedroom and a minimum of 52 inches for your primary TV, with 60 inches or larger being optimum.

If you’re in the market for a truly magnificent, large TV, we recommend the Sharp AQUOS HD. With 44% more viewing area than a 75” class, Sharp’s AQUOS HD LED impressive 90” screen shows every detail. The AQUOS HD is also available in 60”, 70” 80”, and 90” sizes, and delivers precision clarity during fast-motion scenes and huge sound with audio that thunders thanks to a built-in subwoofer.

Screen Resolution Matters

How sharp the picture looks on your new TV with depend on the resolution. Most HDTVs sold today support the 1080p HD format, commonly known as Full HD. You should avoid any television with anything less. In fact, Ultra HD, also known as 4K, is quickly taking over as the industry standard, making it the best investment for 2015. Ultra HD models boast four times the number of pixels as HDTV screens, which means more detail, sharper pictures and a lifelike experience.

Samsung UHD 4K TVs are our favorite with screen sizes ranging from 19” to over 85.” Featuring curved screens, the display is optimized to create better viewing angles from any seat in the house.

OLED Reigns Supreme

When budget isn’t a concern, OLED TVs are the way to go. Boasting stunning picture quality, OLED TVs deliver better color, contrast and detail than their LCD counterparts.

If you’re shopping for OLED technology, you can’t wrong with Samsung’s line. Enjoy the most seamless media integration and brilliant picture quality of the entire Samsung Smart TV family. TVs boast a sophisticated slim design and Multi View feature.

Your TV Should Be Smart

Quickly becoming a standard feature, Smart TVs offer the convenience and functionality that you want. Use the built in Wi-Fi to connect to internet-based services like Netflix, downloading on-demand movies, playing games or even surfing the web and interacting with your favorite social media sites. Before making a purchase, double check to make sure the TV you buy offers the options you want.

Different TVs are better for different applications. A TV recommendation with a lot of ambient light will be different than a TV without ambient light.TV options for outdoor living are different than indoor TV options.

Need help choosing the right TV with the right features and size for application? Our system design specialists can help. We offer thorough design services to Central Valley residents, and are a distributor of Samsung, Sharp, and LG TVs.

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