Thorny Plants and Bushes Add Natural Security to Your Property

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and do a little landscaping or gardening. Adding plants and shrubs to your landscaping can do more than just add curb appeal to your property. When you plant the right bushes, they can help to secure your home and deter potential intruders. Thorns, pointy leaves and serrated foliar edges might be more trouble than they’re worth to burglars looking for a target.

Thieves don’t necessarily prey on big homes with expensive vehicles in the driveway. Most often, they seek out vulnerable homes that offer the easiest access.

Adding security to your home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Incorporating various plants and defensive bushes into your yard can increase your home’s security and thwart would-be intruders.

Defensive Bushes Are an Unwelcome Surprise to Prowlers

Defensive bushes guard your home against invasion, while adding beauty to your landscaping. Perimeter hedges, thorny plants scaling up walls and prickly roses can reinforce weak areas of your property, like windows and fences. Thorny and prickly plants growing at entry points to your home create a hostile environment for intruders and can make it much more difficult for them to gain entry into your home. Defensive plants and bushes cause scratches and cuts, and the potential for criminals to leave behind DNA that could later be used to get a conviction against them.

Plant Strategically

Planting thorny bushes below windows is a good place to start your natural security measures. Most prowlers will be discouraged by the hazard. Roses or other spiny plants that can be trained to grow against the walls or fences that surround your property will also serve as a deterrent to anyone thinking about climbing over. Planting rows of thorny bushes or hedges around the perimeter of your property will also help to run off intruders. Make sure they are thick enough and tall enough to prevent strangers from going over or through them, but short enough not to block visibility of your doors and windows to neighbors and passersbys. It’s important to keep access points to your home visible from the street so that burglars can’t find cover and are more likely to be spotted before a crime occurs.

Choosing Plants

There are many choices when it comes to picking plants that will protect your home, while still looking beautiful. Bougainvillea, Pyracantha, Blackberry, Roses, Barberry and Yucca are good options for climbing plants. Other good choices of defensive plants are Berberis, Holly, Mahonia, Agave and Ruscus. When choosing where to plant, keep in mind that these shrubs are very sharp and shouldn’t be positioned where children might come in contact with them.

Maintain Your Yard

It’s important to regularly care for your yard as well. Mowing the lawn, and keeping plants and trees trimmed, not only sends the message that the property is occupied, but reduces hiding spots for intruders and allows better visibility of your property.

While defensive plants and shrubs are a great start to protect your property, nothing takes the place of a good security system with video monitoring. Our smart security solutions are the perfect way to supplement these natural security measures, and keep you and your loved ones safe 24/7!

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