Smart Safety Tips for Summer

Summer has arrived! Families everywhere are enjoying swimming in the backyard pool and out of town vacations. But along with all the summer fun, comes seasonal safety concerns. Homes are vacant more often, increasing their vulnerability to intruders, and many kids are home alone all day while parents go off to work.

You don’t have to spend the summer worrying, though. Whether you’re concerned about keeping your home secure while soaking up the rays on the beach or making sure the kids stay safe when they’re unsupervised, a smart home automation and security system is your answer to a carefree summer.

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

A home automation system makes it effortless to monitor the activities at your home even when you’re not there. Keep track of the kids’ comings and goings, get alerts for security triggers or give the babysitter or dog walker a virtual key for convenient and secure access to your home.

Now that school is out for summer break, kids are at home alone more often while mom and dad go to work or run errands. You can use a home automation system to watch live video feeds of your kids, get alerts when cabinets or doors are opened, and even set time restrictions on TV and video games.

Take Care of the Pets

As families head off on summer getaways and are busy with summertime activities, pets may spend more time at home alone, as well. Smart pet doors can detect your cat or dog to let them roam in and out of the home, but will remain closed to intruders. You can also use your smartphone to look at video feeds to check on your furry family members. Motion sensors are ideal to keep pets out of potentially harmful areas where they might come in contact with dangerous items, and will notify you when the backyard gate is opened.

Keep the Pool Area Safe

Pool safety is a top concern during the summer months. A home automation system will help keep your family safe around the water. Get alerts if the pool gate is opened or if a person or pet enters the water. You can also control the pool lights to keep the area safe in the evening hours.

Protect Your Home

Nothing says summer like vacation. Vacant homes present an irresistible temptation to would-be burglars. A home automation and security system will protect your home while you are away. Give the appearance that your home is occupied when you’re out of town by scheduling lights and TVs to turn on and off throughout the day and evening. You can also use your mobile device to view security footage from inside and outside your property for added peace of mind. And most importantly, receive text and video alerts if your alarm is triggered, while emergency personnel are notified to respond to the scene.

A home automation and smart security system will allow you to spend more time enjoying summer and less time worrying. If you haven’t already, isn’t it time you transformed your home into a smart space for summer?

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