Smart Lighting Systems Add Customizable and Useful Functions to Your Lights

Lights do so much more than simply brighten a space! A smart lighting system can add convenience, create ambiance, set the mood, provide notifications and warnings, and increase security with just the touch of a button.

A lighting control system will not only save you money by reducing energy costs, but offer you a customizable lighting solution to enhance your daily activities and safety.


When you have a lighting control system, one tap of a button can turn on or off all of the lights in your home. And you can control the lights from upstairs in your bedroom or from across town. Motion sensors installed in key locations, like laundry rooms or the garage, can signal lights to turn off and on based on occupancy, giving homeowners the convenience of hands-free operation and added energy savings. You can even trigger outdoor lights to automatically switch on at sunset and off at sunrise.


Lighting can enhance the look and feel of any home. Designer switch plates and dimmers, and lighting sources, including lamps, chandeliers, etc., not only compliment the décor of a room, but the color and brightness of the light they emit can change the look and atmosphere as well. Both indoor and outdoor lighting scenes can be changed as the mood strikes or by choosing a preset lighting scene programmed into your automation system.


You use your home for a variety activities. Use your smart lighting control system to reflect your changing moods and adjust based on your activities. Lights can be programmed to complement your family’s lifestyle and activities using lighting scenes. Activate scenes with the press of a button or by setting a preset schedule. Use a bedtime scene to dim and turn off lights, a movie time scene to provide the ideal lighting for watching TV, or a dinner scene to create a cozy atmosphere for a romantic dinner for two.

Notifications & Warnings

Lights can serve as a medium to communicate notifications and warnings for residents. Can’t hear the doorbell over loud music or when you’re on the other side of house? Lights be triggered to flash every time the doorbell is pressed. Is someone in your home a sleepwalker? Program a light to in your bedroom to be triggered if doors are opened.


Lighting is integral to home safety and security. Program outdoor lights to turn on when anybody approaches your property. Lights will serve to illuminate walkways for guests and act as a deterrent to intruders. You can also use an away or vacation lighting scene when you leave home to automatically turn indoor and outdoor lights on and off to create the impression that your home is occupied. Inside, lights can be triggered to light up dark hallways during the middle of the night or illuminate the garage before you step inside.

Unlock the possibilities of smart lighting today. Hi-Tech Home can customize a light control solution for Central California residents that is personalized to your lifestyle and needs.

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