Smart Home Tips to Make Thanksgiving Prep and Entertaining a Breeze

It’s almost time to pack away the jack-o-lanterns and Halloween costumes, and focus on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Between decorating, preparing your home for out-of-town guests and whipping up a Thanksgiving feast, the holiday to-do list can often be a bit overwhelming.

Use your home automation system to maximize time and efficiency this Thanksgiving, leaving you more time to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. From safety precautions and energy conservation to automated lights and entertainment, smart home technology is just the holiday helper you need to have a happy Thanksgiving.

Holiday Door Monitor

Your front door will probably be opening as much as the oven this Thanksgiving. Between last minute shopping trips, welcoming visitors, and kids going in and out, the entrance to your home is going to see a lot of action. Don’t let the heat – or cool air, depending on the weather – escape each time it opens, causing your energy bills to rise.

Take advantage of the settings on your smart thermostat to help you efficiently control the climate in your home. Activate the auto set-back feature to signal the system to set back the thermostat if the door remains open for a long time. As soon as the door closes, your heating or cooling system will automatically start up again, for maximum energy savings.

Automatic Entry

If Grandma and Grandpa or other friends and relatives will be staying overnight this Thanksgiving, giving them anytime access to your home is not only convenient, but a huge timesaver amongst the holiday hustle and bustle.

Assign trusted guests unique user codes for your smart front door locks so that they come and go as needed during their stay. Not only will you not have to worry about handing over your spare keys, but you can receive a smartphone alert every time each code is used so that you always know who’s coming and going.

Mood Lighting and Music

Creating a holiday ambiance in your home for entertaining and dining can be as easy as pressing a single button. Don’t waste time better spent elsewhere continually adjusting lights and searching playlists for the perfect music.

Use your home automation system to create a variety of holiday scenes that can be easily accessed throughout the day. You can create custom scenes for cooking, snacking, watching holiday movies, dining, playing games and more.

Create a turkey cooking scene to brightly illuminate the lights over your cooking space and trigger a playlist of your favorite songs. Press a button to instantly switch to a dining scene that dims the light for a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, and begins to play your favorite holiday carols. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to your holiday wish list.

Focus on Football

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without football. Have the ultimate Thanksgiving Day football-watching experience in your dedicated home theater or media room. Smart television and projection screens will the make the game come alive in your home. Watch the game in one room or on multiple screens. You can even use your home automation system to send on-screen alerts that appear on your television screen so you know when guests arrive or dinner is ready.

Avoid Fire Danger

Between ovens working overtime to prepare holiday dinner and people preparing turkeys in deep fryers, house fires often peak on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure your home is protected in advance of the big day with a smart security system. Smart smoke detectors don’t just warn you about a fire, they alert your monitoring station in the event of a threat so that fire personnel can be immediately dispatched.

Work smart not hard this Thanksgiving! Smart technology allows you to spend more time enjoying the holiday than preparing for it.

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