Smart Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You could give your mom or wife another “World’s Greatest Mom” coffee mug or the typical bouquet of flowers. But why not give her something that she will really love: The gift of a home that automatically responds to her commands, saves energy and keeps the family safe.

Smart home tech is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and it keeps on giving every day of the year. A smart home will save mom time and money, help her to be more efficient, entertain, and protect loved ones and valuables.

Home Automation

Every mom could use a home automation system in her life. Mom will love the convenience and time-saving benefit of setting schedules that automatically enable lights to turn on and off, shades to open and close, the thermostat to adjust according to the weather and so much more.

Trigger lights and soft music to come on in the morning to wake the kids up for school. Set the television to turn off during the children’s homework time or the porch light to turn on when the sun goes down. The possibilities are endless!

Energy Management

Heating and cooling your home when no one is there, and leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms probably accounts for the majority of wasted energy in your house. How many times does mom have to walk around the house and turn off lights in the bathroom or hallway, or the AC kicks on when you’re out for the entire day at the kids’ sporting events!

A smart thermostat is one way to help cut energy bills. The heat or air conditioning adjusts based on weather conditions and occupancy. Motion sensors for lights installed in rooms where people often come and go, like the laundry room or a playroom, will help you save even further. Lights will automatically come on when someone enters and shut off when occupants leave. Save even more with automated window coverings that not only look great, but adjust to keep your home cool or warm depending on the season.


Whether mom’s hosting a gathering for her girlfriends or a playdate for the kids, entertainment is an important part of every household. With a whole home audio system mom can set the mood with the perfect music. Play the same or different music in one room or every room and even outside. A dedicated home theater or media room to watch TV or play video games is the perfect spot for entertaining friends or an ideal way to give the kids something fun to do while mom takes a much needed break.


Everyone knows mom’s number one priority is keeping her family safe from harm. A home security system is the perfect choice this Mother’s Day. A smart security system will allow mom to rest easy 24/7, 365 days a year.

Mom will be able to arm and disarm the system, and even lock and unlock doors from her mobile device, whether she’s at home or at the grocery store. Working late? Surveillance cameras catch everything that’s going on at home so mom can peek in on the kids from her smartphone, see who’s at the front door or find out why an alarm was triggered. Add around-the-clock professional alarm monitoring for even more protection.

Make mom’s life easier and smarter this Mother’s Day. She’ll love receiving the gift of smart home technology, and you’re certain to become mom’s favorite!

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