Set the “Scene” in Your Home with the Press of a Button

Customizing your smart home with home automation scenes not only saves you time and money, but is a fun way to set the mood for various activities and occasions. By coordinating your smart devices – lighting, TVs, thermostats, security system, etc. – the options for creating personalized scenes for your space are virtually unlimited.

Scenes work by enabling homeowners to activate or deactivate an entire room’s devices simply with the press of one button. Scenes can perform necessary and important functions like triggering locks in the entire house for security and signaling lights to turn off to save energy, as well as cuing the entertainment for social gatherings or setting the mood for a romantic dinner.

Be creative and functional when creating scenes for your smart home. We’ve put together a few suggestions to get you started.


Leaving the house to run errands or go to work, tap the away button to turn off lights and electronics, close the shades, turn back the thermostat to reduce energy costs, lock all the doors and arm the security system.


Simplify your bedtime routine with a goodnight scene. Indoor lights can be triggered to turn off, while the porch light remains lit. You might want to set a hallway or bathroom light to simply dim for safety in case anyone gets up in the middle of the night. And, of course, you’ll want the security system to automatically arm before you drift off to sleep.

Wake Up

Mornings can be chaotic. Ease into your day with a wake up scene. Outdoor lights can be signaled to shut off, while indoor lights rise for an early wake up call. Trigger your favorite radio station to play to start your day.

Movie Night

Transform your space into a theater with a movie night scene. Lights will dim to the perfect setting, curtains will close, TV and speakers will activate, and the movie will automatically start.

Dinner Time

Flash interior lights to signal dinner’s ready. Lights in the dining room will dim to create a relaxing atmosphere, while TVs and lights in other parts of the house shut off to help cut energy costs.


Trigger optimum lighting for socializing and your favorite playlist to turn on. You can also set the air conditioning to kick on to keep crowded rooms cool.


Use the vacation scene to deter intruders when your house is left unoccupied for your travels. Activating the vacation scene will give the appearance that your home is still occupied. Lights can be set to turn on and off at set times, and you can even have the television turn on and off.

If you can dream it, you can probably make a scene of it! Share your favorite scene creations with us in the comments section.

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