Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

Christie Projectors
Significant increase in brightness and will provide HD video for projector locations.


AMX Control
Will provide reliable and seamless control of the audio, video and lighting in the presentation rooms.


AMX Video Scaling & processing
Switches and Scales the video feed from all source video (laptops, DVD, etc.) to the maximum supported resolution for each of the four LED displays or the projection system. Provides the best video quality for any given source.


AMX Audio Mixing and Processing
Integrated audio mixing and digital signal processing provides clear audio from anywhere in the room.


High Definition Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing with remote parties anywhere in the world using standard IP conferencing in full HD allows massive cost-saving eliminating the need for travel for meetings.


Integrated Lighting Control
Lighting control allows the system to automatically set the lighting in the room based on the current use (lights dim for projection presentation, come back up for video conference, etc.)


Concealed projection system
Motorized recessed screen and projector allow the projection system to be hidden away when not in use.


Blu-ray Disc Player
Allow playback of Blu-ray video in HD on any monitor.