Saint Agnes Hospital

Saint Agnes Hospital

Panasonic Projector
Significant increase in brightness and will provide HD video.


AMX 16×16 Fixed Matrix Switcher
Will provide an HD video infrastructure in the room that will allow any HD video source to be routed to all displays and media recorder in HD.


Extron Video Scaler
Scales the video feed from source video (laptops, DVD, etc.) to the maximum supported resolution for each display.


Extron Scan Converter
Converts the signal from laptop connections from VGA to clean HD video signal for distribution. Eliminates scan lines and video shift issues.


Polycom High Definition Video Conferencing
Video Conference with local point-to-point endpoints within the facility and remote parties anywhere in the world using standard IP conferencing in full HD.


Bi-Amp Audio DSP
Provides advanced audio Digital Signal Processing and echo cancellation to ensure flawless audio performance.


Digital Media Recorder
The room has the capability of recording a phone or video conference call, which can be saved to a flash drive or burned to a DVD-RW disc.


Blu-ray Disc Player
Allow playback of Blu-ray video in HD on any monitor.


ZeeVee HD RF Video distribution
Takes the HD video sources on the system and converts the output signal to a high definition signal that can distributed to the Hospitals RF distribution system over the existing COAX cable.