Residential project


Mike and Dona Pestorich decided to build their dream home. They contacted Spadier Construction to start the process. As we’d partnered with Spadier in the past, they recommended Hi-Tech Home for all of their home convenience desires. We met with them prior to breaking ground on the house to get a comprehensive design in place so we could take care of all of the wiring needed while the house was in construction.


The desire was for an entirely integrated home. They wanted as many cutting-edge features as possible, while keeping the system as easy to use as possible. Their list of must-haves included a dedicated theater, multi-room audio and video distribution, alarm system, surveillance cameras, central vacuum, intercom, access control, temperature control, and lighting control. And they wanted to make sure that all of these features integrated into a single control platform. They wanted to be able to grab any remote control, walk up to any touch screen, or even grab their iPhone, and be able to make the system go. The platform we chose to utilize was Control4.


We sat down with Spadier and interior designer Michael Weil to design a system that would fulfill everything on Mike and Dona’s list, as well as integrate into the décor of the home. They wanted the electronics to melt away as much as possible when not being utilized. We chose invisible speakers in some areas with specialized wall and ceiling treatments. We utilized Vision Art and a couple of cabinets with lifts hide TVs. We utilized automated cantilever mounts to reduce the profile of the TV in certain rooms that the mount needed to be extended for proper viewing. We chose an area in the first level of the house to home run all our wiring. All of the audio and video distribution is handled from that room, along with the structured wiring for the home. For video distribution, we chose to use the Just Add Power HDMI over IP system. By using this configuration, every TV in the house has access to satellite TV, Apple TV, and a 400-disc Blu-ray changer. For audio distribution, we utilized seven Control4 Multi-Channel Amplifiers. This allowed us to provide eight separate audio sources to 48 different zones throughout the house and the landscape.


We put Control4 touch panels in almost every room in the house, allowing for easy use of the integrated lighting, temperature control, and intercom functionality. We programmed custom buttons to allow Mike and Dona to easily access entire home adjustments. Scheduled events control lighting on the property so they don’t have to worry about turning on and off porch and security lights all the time. And all of these things can be done remotely with Control4 4Sight access.


There’s no way to properly do this home justice in 500 words. This was a massive project that managed to live up to all expectations – those of the customer and those of the installation company.