Lance Kashian & Co.

Lance Kashian & Co.

Integrated Audio/Video/Lighting Control
Configure the room’s displays, sources and lighting scenes with the touch of a button on the room’s touch panel.


8” Portable Wall Docking Touch Panel
While docked, users can easily configure the audio/video/lighting scenes in the room. After entering a password, users can remove the panel, which becomes an interactive remote control and multi-media/telephone interface for the room.


Podium 8-button Keypad
Quickly select a different room mode, adjust room volume or turn the displays off with the touch of a button.


High Definition Video Conferencing
Video Conference with remote parties anywhere in the world using standard IP conferencing.


Dual 65” Plasma Displays
Utilize the room’s state of the art High Definition video conferencing viewing both near and far end video, or display a presentation while showing a video simultaneously.


147” Motorized Projection Screen
If the 65” plasmas are not enough for your presentation or video, with the touch of a button a 147” screen and projector motorize down from the ceiling.


Digital Media Recorder
The room has the capability of recording a phone or video conference call, which can be saved to a flash drive or burned to a DVD-RW disc.


Blu-ray Disc Player
Play a High Definition video or movie on the 147” projection screen, or on either/both 65” Plasmas.


Wireless Microphones
While using High Definition video conferencing or a voice call, seven wireless microphones can be placed anywhere in the room. The audio for the call comes through the in-ceiling speakers. An eighth wireless microphone is used for presentation.


32 Integrated VGA PC Connections
Users can connect a laptop computer to either the podium connection (audio & video), any of 28 table connections (video), or two in-wall connections (video). These connections can then be easily routed to any of the displays in the room.