Residential project


Rob and Jeannie Hilardes were building a large custom home out in the countryside with our partners Cornerstone Homes. They decided since they were a little ways away from town, they should integrate a dedicated theater into the home. They wanted to incorporate a projector and screen, stadium seating, and high quality A/V. They also wanted to make sure that all of the equipment for the room was hidden so as not to ruin the western theme of the room.


Working closely with Cornerstone and the customer along every phase of construction, we put our plan into action. They wanted a first-rate home theater experience without spending all of their interior design money in this one room.


4 areas we concerned ourselves with in design of this theater:


  1. Equipment Location
  2. Controllability
  3. Affordability/Quality Balance
  4. Aesthetic/Theme


Area #1: A western theme really just wouldn’t work with a bunch of equipment sitting around. We had a cabinet built into the room to house the components. They were already planning on doing wood paneling, so the cabinet fit right in. We also had a wooden bench area installed below the projector screen that could serve as general storage, but also to discretely house two subwoofers. For the front and surround speakers, we chose in-walls installed behind the wall treatments, so as to render them virtually invisible. The only speakers that are visible are the surround rear in-ceilings, but they are painted to match the ceiling, so they are almost undetectable as well.


Area #2: This was going to be their relaxation area, so they wanted something easy to use. We chose the Control4 automation system to meet their requirements. We’ve found that Control4 provides affordability, ease of use, and scalability, all in one. They have the ability to use a single handheld remote with an onscreen interface, or a 10.5” wireless touch screen, to control everything their system has to offer. A Sony 400 Disc DVD/CD changer communicates with Control4 to hunt down the cover art from an internet database. Thus, their entire DVD/CD library is always right at their fingertips.


Area #3: There was only so much of their new home budget the customers could put toward the theater. Thus, we chose products that provide excellent quality at an affordable price. Denon, JBL and Panasonic, among others, were chosen to achieve excellent quality without breaking the bank. This freed up some of the budget to go a bit more lavish with the other furnishings in the room.


Area #4: Achieving a western theme was of paramount importance to the family. The color scheme, carpeting, and wood work in the room really give you that old west feel. The front row seat and wall sconces even have an antique look to them. Old West movie posters from Rogers and Gene Autry grace the walls. But the capper is the large bull head hung on the back wall. It’s just as impressive an experience even without the system on.