Commercial project


Hi-Tech Home was called upon to design a cutting-edge integrated audio/video system designed to meet the high demands of a 24-hour fitness club.


Centralized control of audio/video in the facility
The audio and video has been set up on a scheduler so the TVs and sound system will turn on and off depending on the hours set by the facility.


High-end professional audio system for the aerobics room designed for the high demands of continual use by its instructors
By using large professional speakers and amplifiers made to withstand the continual use of the instructors and the high volume requirements, this limits the risk of any downtime for repairs.


High output 360 degree audio speakers in the main part of the facility to produce high quality and room filling audio throughout
Special speakers were used in the main room that gives full audio throughout the facility no matter where you may be.


Audio and video products in the facilities locker room
High definition TVs and in-ceiling speakers were installed in the facilities locker room to give a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


Centralized rack for control/audio video switching
All high definition displays throughout the facility are fed from a central equipment rack. By using special equipment designed by this application, we were able to distribute HD 1080P video content via a single cable over hundreds of feet from the source.