Residential project


There were five major areas that we concerned ourselves with in the design and finish of this theater:

  • Relocated invisible equipment that still allowed for easy access
  • The variety of sources available in the room
  • Controllability of the room
  • Affordability of the room, while still providing excellent quality
  • The overall aesthetic of the finished room


Area #1: We chose a closet near the theater to house all of the equipment for the theater, as well as a good portion of the rest of the home. This room was solely dedicated to housing A/V gear. This allowed for easy access when the client wanted to change DVDs or put in a new XBOX 360 game, and yet kept all of the equipment out of sight of any guests that may be present. We chose to install all of the components in a Middle Atlantic rack. To make sure the equipment was protected from heat as much as possible, we installed a Middle Atlantic DUCTCOOL that redirects hot air up into the attic.


Area #2: The client wanted to be able to access a wide variety of sources in this theater to make sure the experience never got old. In the end, he ended up with five separate video sources in the room. HD DirecTV took care of his broadcast needs. A VUDU unit allowed for movie rental capabilities. An XBOX 360 provided a source for gaming. A Sony 400 disc DVD/CD changer, integrated with Control4 to provide on-screen cover art, allowed for easy storage and access to his own personal library. A Sony Blu-Ray provided for all of his 1080p desires, and an Escient Media Server allowed for almost any other possibility he could come up with.


Area #3: With all of those choices, controllability of this room could have been a nightmare. We chose the Control4 automation system to make things as simple as possible. With a single hand-held remote or his 10.5” touch screen, the client can easily control all of his components. He also has remote access to the lighting in the room, as well as the thermostat. So without ever leaving his seat, he can pick what he wants to watch and choose the most comfortable setting to watch it in.


Area #4: The client wanted high-quality equipment, but with a project of this scale he couldn’t commit every dime to A/V gear. Thus, we chose products that provide excellent quality at an affordable price. Denon, Sonance and Panasonic, among others, were chosen to achieve the best of both worlds.


Area #5: As much as he wanted a great A/V experience, the client wanted the room to look good as well. The beautiful carpeting, wall sconces, drapery, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and theater seats that were chosen allow the room to look almost as good with the projector off as it does with it on. And the fabric treatments on the walls and ceiling look good and don’t hurt acoustically either.


Equipment List

  • 1 DirecTV H21 HD Satellite Receiver
  • 1 Denon AVR2809CI A/V Receiver
  • 1 Control 4 HC-500 Home Controller
  • 1 Sony DVPCX777ES 400 Disc DVD/CD Changer
  • 1 VUDU XL Rental Device
  • 1 Escient VS100 Media Server
  • 1 XBOX 360 Elite Bundle
  • 1 Sony BDPS300 Blu-Ray Player
  • 1 Control 4 TSM-10.51-B 10.5” Wireless Touch Screen
  • 3 Control 4 LDZ-101-Almond Wireless Dimmers
  • 5 Sonance Symphony S624T In-Wall LCR Speakers
  • 2 Sonance Symphony 2624TR In-Ceiling Speakers
  • 2 Sunfire HRS10 10” Subwoofers
  • 1 Panasonic PT-AE3000U-EC HD LCD Projector
  • 1 Sanus VMPR1 Projector Mount
  • 1 Vutec Silverstar 92” High Gain Screen
  • 1 Control 4 CCZ-T1-Almond Flush Mount Temperature Sensor
  • 1 Card Access Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Middle Atlantic DUCTCOOL Closet Cooler
  • Middle Atlantic Rack System