Our Process


You’re already investing much of your time and money into your project. So, why not take the step to have your project professionally designed, ensuring you not only have a good system, but you have “your” system?


There are many elements to a professionally designed system. Many of these are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system design is important to the quality and success of the final project.


Hi-Tech Home supplies all the material and equipment.  We offer competitive prices on everything from TVs to automation equipment allowing peace of mind and convenience.


We pre-wire for all necessary systems and take precautionary steps before walls are closed to minimize potential obstacles down the road. We return to the project to install and program the equipment as specified in the final design. Finally, we walk through the home and provide you with any necessary training.

Project Management

Project management is a critical but often overlooked service in many projects. At Hi-Tech Home every project is assigned a project manager. Our project managers plan and coordinate each phase of the project and interface between all parties, from the builder to the supply house to the customer.


We are all about long term client relationships and providing exceptional support for our products and services. Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, system upgrades, and consultation on new innovations.

Project Example


Effective systems integration requires careful planning, layout and design. Design services may include conceptual drawings, extensive floor plan evaluation, wire routing and cable schedules, interconnectivity diagrams and schematics, 3D modeling of layout, acoustics modeling and projects specifications. There are several factors to take into consideration when designing a project. Many calculations are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system is important to the quality and success of the final project. By using our design services, you will minimize the number of unexpected surprises during the project and it will be exactly the way you planned for it to be.

Project Information

Displays the drawing set index, along with additional project specific information.

General Installation Notes

This sheet displays the standard mounting height for touch panels, keypads, displays and rough-in boxes.

Device Location Drawing

Displays the location for every low voltage wiring drop based on hardware requirements. Used primarily during the sales phase of the project to convey information to our future customer.

Lighting Control Plan

We provide a detailed drawing that shows every lighting load in a project and the method of control that will be utilized.

Motorized Windows Treatment

Displays the motorized window treatment type, location and wiring specification.

Security Plan

Displays the detailed security sensor locations and zoning.

Security Cameras

Displays the surveillance camera locations and planned coverage.

Wiring Plan

Displays the detailed low voltage wiring requirements for the project. We show every wire required and it’s point of origination.

Technical Power Plan

Displays the detailed high voltage wiring requirements resulting from our system design. We provide the electrician with this information immediately following the contract signing.

Assembly Drawings

We create drawings with the finest level of detail to ensure a successful installation.

Rack Elevations

We design the system rack layout with precise detail to ensure a smooth installation.