Now You See It, Now You Don’t: How to Conceal Your A/V Equipment

We all love smart tech – flat screen televisions, booming speakers, gaming systems, Blu-Ray players and the like – but aren’t necessarily pleased with how all that equipment makes our space look when it’s not in use. Cords and wires, remote controls and entertainment consoles don’t exactly scream “House Beautiful.”

Don’t let your television and A/V equipment destroy the ambiance of your home. Covering and concealing your electronics can change the whole aesthetic of a room, taking it from casual to more sophisticated in seconds.

And many of the concealment systems on the market will wow you as much as the technology you’re trying to hide!

Make Your TV Disappear

Who wouldn’t want a television that descends magically from the ceiling, rises from a cabinet at the push of a button or doubles as a work of art. It’s all possible with smart technology. When your television is not in use, transfer the focal point of your room from the TV to your decor.

Create an elegantly hidden TV with VisionArt, a custom framed fine art print on a motorized retracting canvas. With the touch of a button your TV is instantly concealed behind a gorgeous museum quality print. When you’re ready to watch television again, the painting quietly and safely retracts. VisionArt offers an assortment of TV frames and themes, including abstract, landscape, photography, still life and seascape.

Did you know you can even hide your television behind a mirror? Watch TV in the bathroom or hide the screen behind your favorite decorative mirror in the common area of your home. Just tap the power button on your remote and the mirror will transform into a TV.

Motorized television lifts allow you to drop, lift, swivel, slide, and fold your flat screen down from a hiding spot in a cabinet or ceiling. They operate like any other piece of automation gear from your handheld remote or touchscreen.

Speakers Should Be Heard Not Seen

You love the sound, but not the look of bulky speakers and wires dangling down the walls of your house. Whether you want to conceal the speakers in your home theater room or hide the speakers that deliver music and sound throughout your home, there’s a smart concealment solution.

Control4’s In-Ceiling and In-Wall Stereo Speakers can be custom painted to accent any decor or disappear into the background. Indoors, speakers can also easily be concealed inside cabinets and furniture that compliment your space. Outdoors, speakers can be disguised as rocks or buried underground.

Tuck Away the A/V Equipment

Located in a discrete location like a closet or a garage, equipment racks neatly store and conceal automation and A/V equipment. Hide your home automation equipment, audio receivers, Blu-ray player, DVR, PlayStation and more in one convenient spot. In addition to keeping all your gear out of sight, equipment racks provide greater ease of access, while protecting your electronic components from overheating or other damage.

Concealing your A/V equipment allows you to enjoy all of the electronic systems you love, without compromising on the style and look of your space.

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