Home Security Tips to Take the Worry Out of Your Travel Plans This Summer

Summer is synonymous with vacationing, which means many homes will sit vacant for an extended period of time, creating a temptation for would-be thieves. Break-ins typically peak in July and August, making home security an important part of any trip plan, whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended vacation.

Take the worry out of your travel plans with these smart security tips:

Ditch the Paper Trail

An accumulating pile of mail and newspapers is a sure-fire giveaway to intruders that the occupants of a home are on vacation. Contact the Post Office before you leave and request they hold your mail until you return. Stop delivery of your paper, as well, or enlist a neighbor to collect and hold them while you’re away.

Don’t Hide the Spare

It’s common practice for homeowners to hide spare keys under door mats or in potted plants. Many burglars are familiar with the typical hiding spaces and could potentially gain easy entry into your home. Instead, leave your key with a trusted friend or neighbor that you’d be comfortable with entering your home in the event of an emergency, or eliminate keys completely by installing electronic locks. Automated locks can only be opened when your personal security code is entered, and can even interface with your security and home automation system, allowing you to lock and unlock doors from anywhere and monitor who enters and exits your home.

Let Your Lights Shine

Dark or poorly lit properties provide cover for intruders, and a house that remains dark for an extended period of time is a clear signal that the property is empty, potentially enticing burglars. With light control technology you can schedule inside and outside lights to turn on and off at scheduled intervals, giving the appearance that the home is occupied.

Open the Curtains

Opening and closing shades can deter intruders. Motorized shades can employ timers to raise and lower window treatments at preset times, whether you’re home or away.

Install a Home Security System

Home security systems ensure that your property is protected 24/7. Protect your home with motion detectors, surveillance cameras and video monitoring. When an intruder attempts to enter your home an alarm will immediately sound. Add a security monitoring package so that in the event of a break-in, emergency personnel will be immediately dispatched. Video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your home in real-time from anywhere your travels may take you, and security apps offer added protection by sending alerts of possible dangers to your mobile device.

Leave your worries behind this summer and focus on fun in the sun during your vacation. Employing these smart security tips will ensure that your property and valuables remain protected while you’re away.

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