Home Automation Helps Kids and Parents Go Back to School More Efficiently

Kids all over the Valley are returning to school, turning in the carefree, dog days of summer for back-to-school routines. Homework, earlier bedtimes and sports practices are just a few of the things students and parents need to fit into busy fall schedules.

Don’t let your back to school routine turn into a frenzied juggling act. Put your home automation system to work for you to make the transition from summer to school routines a breeze.

Morning Wake Up Call

Getting the kids out of bed on school days, especially after sleeping in all summer, is no easy feat, but a lighting control system can help ease the “pain.” Automate your lights to turn on and off on a schedule. In the morning, set lights to turn on to give your kids an extra boost to get out of bed. Set lights to turn off at a specific time in the evening to signal bedtime.

Monitor Your Kids’ Whereabouts

Safety ranks high on mom and dad’s back to school checklist. Kids and parents are often coming and going on different schedules due to work, after school practices, etc., and it’s not always possible for parents to be around when their student arrives home. A home security system can not only protect your property, but keep a watchful eye on your children. Video monitoring allows you to see what’s going on at your home in real-time, at all times. Check up on the kids and make sure they’ve arrived home safely or see who’s ringing the doorbell. You can even arrange to have text messages sent to your phone to alert you when the liquor cabinet is opened or the door is left unlocked. Security monitoring services also ensure that emergency personnel are dispatched immediately in the event of a break in or medical emergency.

Homework Help

There’s no doubt that homework time can be the most grueling part of the day. The material is difficult enough, without the temptation of television, video games and the like within arm’s length. Use your home automation system to create a conducive environment for school work. Trigger the proper, bright lighting when it’s time to get down to business, and automatically set televisions and music to turn off.


Celebrate the end of the school week and arrival of the weekend with the push of a button. Set your system to play the kids favorite music when they arrive home from school and end the evening watching a flick in your home theater or media room. Use your Kaleidescape or Mozaex entertainment system to instantly enjoy your favorite movie.

Central Valley residents contact Hi-Tech Home to automate your house in time for back to school. We specialize in in the design, sales, and installation of entertainment, security, and energy management services that not only save you money but make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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