Give Dad the Smart Home Treatment this Father’s Day

Dads work hard all year long to provide and take care of their families. Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and it’s the perfect opportunity to turn the tables and take care of dad for a change.

Smart home technology can help you give dad everything he’s dreaming of this Father’s Day – less stress, a long nap, an entertainment experience without the crowds, and the ability to control everything in the house without ever getting off the couch.

A Stress-Free Dad Is a Happy Dad

Moms aren’t the only ones who worry. Dads are always concerned about making sure the bills are paid, keeping the family home safe and secure, and finding the time to make sure it all gets done. A home automation and smart security system will help dad save money on energy bills, protect the home and family, and save time.

A smart thermostat and light control technology will help dad reduce utility bills up to 40 percent. AC and heating systems, along with lights, can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, while also adjusting based on room occupancy and the time of year. Smart security solutions not only protect the property with traditional alarm system features, but dad can trigger the security system to arm and disarm, and lock and unlock all the doors in the house with a single tap of a button. Dad can save even more time by setting cooling, heating and lighting schedules so that everything in the house adjusts automatically, and that’s sure to put a smile on his face.

A Rested Dad Is a Relaxed Dad

With all that time dad will save not having to turn off lights in empty rooms and worrying about shutting the garage door, among other things, Father’s Day is the perfect day for dad to relax and catch up on a few extra Z’s. Whether dad wants to settle in on the couch or in the bedroom, he can use his home automation system to cue some soothing music, lower the volume on the TV and dim the lights all from his smart phone. And if he has a Wi-Fi doorbell, he can even see and talk to anyone who comes to the door without ever moving a muscle. Now that dad is feeling relaxed, it might be the perfect time to show him that report card.

An Entertained Dad Is a Fun Dad

Dad is certain to feel young at heart with a little time in his man cave or home theater. According to a recent survey by Zillow, the number one features homeowners are looking for in a home is a man cave and smart home technology. Whether dad’s getting the full move theater experience while watching his favorite flick sans the sticky floors, high prices and noisy movie goers or playing video games on the big screen with surround sound, dad is guaranteed to be enjoying himself. A state-of-the-art large, flat screen TV and Hi-Tech Home Broadcast TV service costing up to half the cost of cable TV is the cherry on top. And maybe dad will even let the rest of the family join in on the fun.

A Dad that Doesn’t Have a To-Do List Is a Satisfied Dad

Dad can have everything he wants without barely lifting a finger. Smart home technology and security will enable dad to control everything in the house from anywhere in the world by simply pressing a button on his mobile device or computer. Automated schedules and scenes make it even easier to adjust lights, locks, thermostats and more automatically. And to top it all, Hi-Tech Home can professionally install and set up everything while dad enjoys a cold one. Whoever said dad can’t get no satisfaction was wrong.

Happy Father’s Day!

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