Five Reasons You Should Cut the Cable Cord

With increasing prices, hidden fees and a lack of original programming, it’s probably time to give cable television the boot! Switching to a streaming service or less traditional broadcast option will not only save you money, but provide you with a slew of other benefits that before long will have you saying, “Cable Who?”

Check out the top five reasons you shouldn’t wait any longer to cut the cable cord:

#1. Savings, Savings, Savings

Money is a huge motivator. With increasing gas prices, growing grocery bills and the like, it’s nice to save money where you can. Cable prices continue to climb and show no signs of slowing down, while available and desirable programming declines. Streaming providers are much more likely to keep pricing the same over longer periods of time.

Calculating how much you’re actually spending on your TV content each year can be shocking. The average cable/satellite subscriber with three TVs pays an average of $160 a month plus $5 per HD receiver. When you cut the cord, you could free up well over $1,000 a year; that’s a lot of cash that could be spent elsewhere.

#2. Choices, Choices and More Choices

A few clicks of the remote, and you’ll probably find a dozen or more television shows and channels that you or anyone in your household will never want to watch. Cutting the cord doesn’t limit your viewing options. It’s quite the contrary actually. Streaming allows you to choose only the programming you want to watch without paying for additional channels that you’re uninterested in. Often times, streaming services offer original programming that can’t be found on cable, as well.

#3. You Don’t Have Sacrifice Live TV

Live TV is still an option when you cut the cord. Many services still offer the live programming you’re used to. It’s easy to catch up on hometown news and sports and watch your favorite network shows live without waiting until the next day.

#4. Flexibility

The programming goes where you do. All of the major streaming services have apps for Android TV and Apple TV, in addition to apps for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and even your Mac or PC, enabling to you watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever. Watch TV from your iPad while you relax in bed or in the backseat of the car during long road trips.

#5. Lots and Lots of Live Sports

Gone are the days when streaming services lacked sports programming. Cable channels like ESPN, regional Fox Sports channels and others can often be found in the lineup of many popular services, and sports offerings for cord cutters continue to grow. MLB TV will allow you watch just about every baseball game. The NBA, NHL and even NFL also have streaming options so you’ll never have to miss your favorite sports programming.

It’s never been a better time to embrace the future of television and cut the cord. Contact us today to try Hi-Tech Home Broadcast TV free for 90 days. Some restrictions apply. Plans start at $39.95.

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