Create the Right Light for Any Activity or Mood with Smart Lighting

Transform any space with smart light control. Lighting is a simple, yet very effective, tool to change the ambiance of the rooms in your home, enhancing your comfort and setting the mood for a variety of activities. Make a party more cheerful, a romantic dinner more intimate or movie viewing more like the theater.

A wide array of lighting options are available to help set the scene, adding comfort and convenience to your space, including LED lights, table lamps, overhead lights and more. And not only will a smart lighting system create just the right mood in every room of your house, but you’ll enjoy the convenience of one-touch control and energy savings as well.

Entertaining Friends in the Living Room

Use bright light in the living room to set a cheerful mood for entertaining and plenty of illumination to play games, scrapbook and more. Aim accent lights at prized artwork or other collectibles to further highlight the beauty of the space.

Romantic Dinners in the Dining Room

Turn the lights down low to create a romantic dinner atmosphere for you and your partner in the dining room. The use of dimmers in your kitchen allow you to easily adjust light to transform your space for cooking, dining and entertaining.

Moving Watching in the Home Theater or Family Room

Bring the experience of the movie theater to your home. Cue your lights to slowly dim as your film of choice begins, creating the excitement of the movies in your very own home theater or family room.

Working in the Home Office

The right light is sure to make working in your home office more productive and efficient. With the press of a button, you can raise lights to view paperwork and dim to reduce glare on computers.

Welcoming Visitors at the Front Door

Lighting up the entrance to your home not only adds a layer of protection to your property, but creates an inviting entryway for guests. Lights can be adjusted to different levels of brightness depending on the time; lower for sundown, higher at dusk. Once inside the door, illuminate the pathway to the living room or dining room, depending on where you want to direct your guests.

Preparing to Sleep in the Bedroom

Transition from the busyness of the day to peaceful rest in the bedroom. Lower the lights to create a relaxing and calming ambiance conducive to sleep. If you enjoy reading a good book before drifting off to dreamland, use a bedside lamp to set the light level just bright enough to view the page, while still maintaining the lower, more relaxing, levels throughout the rest of the room.

With a home automation system, you can create multiple customized lighting scenes, and go from movie watching lighting to puzzle making lighting to romantic dinner lighting with a single press of a button.

Experience the transforming power of light in your home. Contact Hi-Tech Home to have home automation and light control technology installed at your property.

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