Bring More Fun and Efficiency to Your Holidays with Home Automation

From Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holidays are full of festive hustle and bustle. Enhance your holidays with your home automation system. Not only can your home automation system save you time and energy, but it can help you put an extra something special into your holiday season.

Halloween Tricks and Treats

  • Use your home automation system to hijack the doorbell. Replace the chime with a spooky sound effect or rig it to flash the lights on and off when trick-or-treaters push the bell.
  • Hosting a Halloween party? Use your distributed audio system to fill the entire house with scary sound effects and festive tunes, like Monster Mash and Thriller.
  • Give family and visiting guests a scare by randomly triggering house lights to flash on and off. You can even program your system to play chilling sound effects at scheduled times.


Thanksgiving Timesavers

  • Thanksgiving is the busiest travel season of the year. If you’re going to be away from home, don’t waste the holidays worrying about keeping your home secure. Use your security system to monitor your property by video, turn lights on and off so it appears somebody is home and even check up on pets.
  • Don’t stress about kitchen accidents or a turkey frying fire. Rest easy knowing that emergency medical personnel and the fire department are just a click away from your home security control panel.
  • Houseguests visiting you for the holidays? Use your smart door locks to assign guests temporary entry codes that enable them to come and go as needed and expire once their trip ends.
  • Set the mood at your holiday table by timing lights to come on at meal time, dimmed to the perfect cozy level.


A Merrier and Brighter Christmas

  • Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas music. Create playlists and stream holiday tunes throughout your entire home perfect for holiday parties and your own listening pleasure. You can even program your system to turn on holiday music at a specific time, like when it’s time for the kids to wake up on Christmas morning.
  • Need help decorating? Set the LEDs on your automation switches, dimmers and keypads to a festive red and green or go blue and white for Hanukah.
  • Create magical, hands free holiday lighting. Trigger Christmas tree lights and outside holiday lights to go on and off at scheduled times.
  • Keep the Grinch from stealing your Christmas. Drift off to dreamland with only visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head. When your house is armed with a smart security system you don’t have to worry about your loved ones or valuables being protected.

Don’t have a home automation or security system, or looking to upgrade or add to your system? It’s not too late to have one installed in time for the holidays! Hi-Tech Home is the Central Valley’s premiere provider of home automation and security solutions. Contact us at (559) 521-1400 or visit our website at to learn more.

We want to know how you use your home automation system around the holidays. Share your tips and tricks with us in the comment section.

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