A Smart Home Offers Families Everything They Need for the Ever-Changing Twists and Turns of Life

A smart home grows with your family through every stage of life. From taking care of the kids to taking care of your aging parents, a smart home automation and security system offers just the right features for all of life’s important moments.

Decade after decade, your smart home will provide personalized security, efficiency and comfort that fits your family’s needs. Check in on a live video feed while your baby sleeps, unlock the front door from your smartphone when your teen forgets his key and remotely adjust the thermostat for an elderly parent.

Smart home technology is a perfect fit for today’s growing and changing families.

Families with Young Kids

Parents of infants and toddlers have to stay on their toes to meet their babies’ needs and keep up with their curious toddlers, all the while keeping them safe. Smart home automation can help busy parents shoulder the load. Old fashioned child-proofing doesn’t come close to providing the peace of mind and convenience that a smart automation and security system can. With video monitoring, parents can watch real-time feeds of their infants and toddlers from their mobile device. Use your smart thermostat to set the ideal temperature to ensure baby isn’t too cold or warm, and receive instant text alerts if your toddler opens the medicine cabinet, gets into the fridge or “escapes” out the front door.

The Tween and Teen Years

Preteens and teens may be ready for a bit of freedom, but mom and dad probably aren’t ready to let go completely. A smart home gives adolescents the flexibility to be more independent, while still allowing parents to keep tabs on their kids. School-age kids are more likely to be left home alone while parents go to work or run errands. Use your video monitoring system to verify the kids arrived home safely or take a peek at the front door when someone rings the bell. Utilize sensors to make sure the liquor cabinet stays shut and lights are turned off in unused rooms to conserve energy. Parents can even use their home automation system to schedule electronic devices to shut off at homework time or trigger lights to turn to on in the morning for an easy wake-up call.

When the Kids Become the Caretakers

While the kids may have grown up and gone off to college or gotten married, many adults may find themselves in the position to care for aging parents. Smart home automation can make it easier to care for elderly family members, while still providing them with their independence. The Wellness Security Enhancement offered by Alarm.com offers caretakers peace of mind by remotely allowing you to monitor your family member’s activity. Alerts can be sent to your mobile device if anything out of the ordinary occurs at an elderly relative’s residence, and easy to use schedules allow lights, thermostats, locks and security to be automated so older family members don’t have to remember to turn off lights and lock doors every night. Caregivers can even remotely adjust lights or other settings if necessary, and emergency services for fire and medical care are just the press of a button away.

As your family grows and changes, you need a home that will grow and change with you, while protecting your valuables and your loved ones. Smart home automation and security is the perfect complement to every families’ lifestyle.

Get started with your own smart package today!

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