8 Reasons YOU Need a Home Theater in Your House

Convenience, affordability and state-of-the art technology are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of bringing the movie theater to your home. As ticket and concession prices continue to skyrocket at the movie theater, there’s never been a better time to dedicate space in your house to a home theater.

And if that wasn’t reason enough, we’ve drummed up eight more reasons YOU need a home theater stat.

  1. High Definition Audio and Video

Unlike theaters with dated equipment, YOUR home theater will be equipped with superior audio and video technology. Realistic visuals and crisp surround sound will bring movies to life right before your eyes. Create the ultimate viewing experience with a television or projection screen available in a multitude of sizes, and a state-of-the-art sound system with sound effects so dramatic and exhilarating that you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action.

  1. Best Seat in the House

Say goodbye to sticky floors, stained seats and sharing an armrest with a stranger. Set the stage in your home theater with ambient lights, motorized shades, comfortable seating and cinematic décor. Choices for seating and décor run the gamut from cozy couches and traditional movie theater seats to themed or casual spaces and over the top, glamourous rooms. And unlike the movie theater, PJs and slippers are acceptable attire when viewing a flick in your own space.

  1. Snacks Are Cheaper and Tastier

No more paying $10 for a box of Goobers and a small soft drink. Stock your personal concession stand with affordable snacks and drinks from the local supermarket. And in your personal home theater, you’re no longer limited to the traditional candy, popcorn and overcooked hotdogs. Watch a flick while enjoying homemade hot wings, pizza, ice cream or whatever movie-watching fare you’re craving.

  1. Distraction-Free Zone

Enjoy uninterrupted viewing. Babies crying, people talking and ringing cell phones need never disturb you again.

  1. Pause for Bathroom Breaks

Drink a little too much Dr. Pepper? Now you can use the restroom without missing any of the action. Just hit pause on the remote and you’re good to go.

  1. Open 24/7

Watch a movie any time you want. You’re no longer restricted to Cinema viewing times, which means no more standing in line to buy tickets and no more arriving an hour early to claim your seat and find a parking space.

  1. Save Money

Once you ditch the expense of overpriced movie tickets and concession purchases, your home theater system will pay for itself in no time! Conserve fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle from traveling to and from the movie theater.

  1. It’s Not Just for Movies

Your home theater is an all-inclusive entertainment experience. While the primary purpose may be to provide a movie-theater experience at home, you can also watch sporting events and TV, play video games or even listen to music.

The best seat in the movie theater is in your own home!

Hi-Tech Home offers customized theater packages for every budget and preference to residents of the Central Valley. Our engineers design, install and program each system. You can choose how much or how little you want to spend. Choose a simple system or opt for a more elaborate solution to further enhance your entertainment experience.

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