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Smart Home Tips to Make Thanksgiving Prep and Entertaining a Breeze

It's almost time to pack away the jack-o-lanterns and Halloween costumes, and focus on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Between decorating, preparing your home for out-of-town guests and whipping up a Thanksgiving feast, the holiday to-do list can often be a bit overwhelming. Use your home automation...


Designing Home Theaters Tailored to Small Spaces

You don't need an expansive room to create a home theater. It's still possible to have a true home theater experience in smaller spaces like the spare bedroom or great room. Thanks to smart technology you can enjoy first-rate audio and incredible video in any...


Five Reasons You Should Cut the Cable Cord

With increasing prices, hidden fees and a lack of original programming, it's probably time to give cable television the boot! Switching to a streaming service or less traditional broadcast option will not only save you money, but provide you with a slew of other benefits...


Now You See It, Now You Don’t: How to Conceal Your A/V Equipment

We all love smart tech - flat screen televisions, booming speakers, gaming systems, Blu-Ray players and the like - but aren't necessarily pleased with how all that equipment makes our space look when it's not in use. Cords and wires, remote controls and entertainment consoles...


Use Your Smart Home to Save Energy and Melt Away Your Summer Utility Bills

Summer’s back and so is the heat. Don’t let the enjoyment of seasonal pool parties, BBQs and vacations be drowned out by the constant hum of the air conditioner and increasing energy bills. It’s easy to reduce utility bills year-round with smart home technology, and you’ll...


Give Dad the Smart Home Treatment this Father’s Day

Dads work hard all year long to provide and take care of their families. Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and it’s the perfect opportunity to turn the tables and take care of dad for a change. Smart home technology can help you give...


Create the Right Light for Any Activity or Mood with Smart Lighting

Transform any space with smart light control. Lighting is a simple, yet very effective, tool to change the ambiance of the rooms in your home, enhancing your comfort and setting the mood for a variety of activities. Make a party more cheerful, a romantic dinner...


Add Value to Your Home by Investing in Home Automation Technology

Tax season has arrived, and once the numbers are crunched many homeowners will be lucky enough to receive a generous refund. Instead of spending your newfound money on a temporary pleasure, why not invest in your home by installing smart home technology. Adding home automation and...


Use Your Smart Home to Romance Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day

Impress your Valentine with a hi-tech date night this year! Avoid the crowded restaurants and busy nightspots this Valentine’s Day. Use your home automation system to simply and efficiently create the perfect, romantic evening right in your very own home. Lights, music and romance are just...